Our sweaters are pre-washed and ready to wear.

Pure wool is a self-regenerating material with a natural self-cleaning quality. When in contact with oxygen, the air pockets in the wool fibre transfer odor and impurities from the skin into the air. No need to wash your wool sweater every time you wear it, just air it out and the odors will disappear.


Handcleaning your sweater is quick and easy, and contributes to preserving its quality:

- We recommend washing one sweater at a time.

- Fill your sink (previously cleaned) with water slightly cooler than the temperature of your hand, never iced cold, and just enough to cover the sweater.

- Marseille soap is ideal, or any natural gentle soap, or a small quantity (about half a spoon) of special wool detergent, no fabric softener.

- Gently knead the sweater in the water in order to soak it completely. Lightly hand rub stains and places most likely to carry odors with soap. If there is color in the water, don’t worry, it’s normal! The yarn is simply releasing excess dye, but you won't notice any loss of color of your sweater after the wash is complete. Never wring or scrub which can cause stretching and pilling.

- Squeeze the excess water without wringing it and carefully turn it inside out. Gently knead it for 2 to 3 minutes.

- Thoroughly rinse the sweater with same temperature water until it is free of detergent. It may take several rinses for the water to become clear and free of suds.

- Without wringing, remove as much water as possible from your sweater by squeezing. Transfer it to an absorbent towel, roll the sweater and towel together, pressing firmly as you go.

- Lay the sweater flat on a dry towel and place it on a dryer or on a flat surface. If drying it outside, place it inside out to prevent colors from fading with the sun. Never dry on a radiator or tumble dry.

- Push the sweater's ribbing together (neckline, wrists, waist).

- Allow the sweater to dry for 24 hours. Flip it over when mostly dry.

- Iron at wool temperature or steam.


Wool is a living material. As our pure wools are free of any chemical treatments or chemical agents, even with their higher quality, they are likely to pill. As they get rubbed and washed, the shorter fibers separate from the longer strands and form small balls on the surface of the knit. Simply remove them carefully and gently using an electric razor that will preserve the weave of the sweater.