BLACK SATURN is the collaborative duo of Sandrine Leÿs and Aaron Romine, created in 2019 as a conceptual vehicle for our joint exploration of art, design and knitwear.


BLACK SATURN is committed to the revitalization of rural communities through creative initiatives and local artisanal production. Every garment is knit and sewn entirely by hand by us in La Faute-sur-Mer, France. BLACK SATURN takes extreme care in sourcing only the highest quality wools, and works exclusively with producers engaged in sustainable and ethical methods of production.


Sandrine Leÿs is a fashion designer and former Paris-based fashion magazine editor. She came across her first mechanical knitting machine through a course in London in 2018. Immediately "hooked", she went on to teach herself the intricate technique of hand intarsia knitting in order to realize BLACK SATURN's unique designs.


Aaron Romine is an American artist, designer, art director, and BLACK SATURN's co-conspirator. His playful mix of geometric abstraction and imperfect realism is the visual language in which the BLACK SATURN narrative is written.



"Our reward for good work is more work"

Tom Sachs, I.S.R.U, 2020